2 USB-MODEVM driver issues

I have 2 issues of equal importance that I could really use some help with regarding USB-MODEVM interface drivers (both are in reference to the TLV320AIC3xEVM-PDK):

Issue 1:

Installing the USB-MODEVM drivers on a Windows 7 / Vista platform to fulfill an upcoming requirement.  I've tried d/l'ing and installing the USBfirmwareV0203.zip found in this forum, and they did not work, or I'm doing something wrong.  I've poked around a bit and can't seem to locate anything else right now, so I'm sort of stuck.  All I need is the USB-MODEVM communication with a host PC, I have an already working board+app which uses this USB communication with a host PC running XP.   When I attempt to hook this system to the Vista machine (stand-in for Win 7), it asks for location of the drivers.  I point it to the unzipped folder contents of the above mentioned zip and it still says the drivers were not installed correctly.

Any help would be appreciated - I'm guessing it is something very simple/basic that I am missing or doing incorrectly.

Issue 2:

I have two laptops which I'd like to have these drivers installed on working on for Win XP.  On one of the laptops, the drivers install correctly.  I can see that the device appears Device Manager as both an NI-VISA USB Device (USB-MODEVM) and a Sound, Video, and Game controller (USB Audio).  I have a board+application that uses the USB-MODEVM drivers to communicate with this host PC and it works flawlessly.

On the 2nd laptop, the drivers fail to install correctly.  Both laptops are identical in hardware/build.

There are two parts of the driver install.  On the laptop that I am having a problem with, the first portion (NI-VISA USB Device) installs correctly, but the 2nd portion, the actual USB Audio portion, does not.  Correspondingly, when I go to Control Panel - Sounds - it does not enumerate in the list of audio devices.  I can verify this by checking, I get a yellow exclamation mark and a code 28 for uninstalled drivers.
As a reference, I've been using the .pdf document titled

TLV320AIC3xEVM-PDK Series Troubleshooting Guide

authored by J Arbona as a guide through this.  I've followed all of the very helpful suggestions in that document, (I'd have been utterly lost without it!) but my system still can't get past the very last install step (in the document referenced above, section 3.2 Device Driver Setup, steps 4-6).  I am guessing I have a conflict somewhere along the way in the install process, but I don't know where to look to try and track it down.

Again, any help would be much appreciated.