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PurePath Studio(portable audio) newest release for The PCM3070 Request ,

Happy new year everyone
I have the PPS(portable audio)  version 5.40 build 1 revision 12166
Now my new products want to use the PCM3070,
So I want the new version PPS(portable audio) including PCM3070 framework seriously!
And I have been requesting the PPS many times through the TI SITE , but have not any respond.
I thinks of you ,please help me , how to do get the latest PPS version!
  • Hi, Yuri,

    Sorry for your trouble.

    You need to order the correct version of PPS - PCM3070 uses a different version, not portable audio. There should be a link to order it in the PCM3070 product folder on our website.

    HOWEVER, we have export control restrictions on this software. We can't send it to places like Iran, North Korea, Cuba, etc. Also, you must have an email address linked to a company for us to send it. We can't send it out to gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc "free" email services.


    Best regards,

    Don Dapkus

    Gate Driver Applications Engineering Manager

    Dallas, TX USA