looking for 8/16-ch analog signal acquisition module


reference: see mythread:     http://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/omap_applications_processors/f/42/t/155693.aspx#580599

Hello friends,

I am looking for an analog acquisition module for my project. The concept is shown in figure below,

The idea is to acquire the acoustic signals transmitted by an audio source say, person, mechanical engine, etc. with help of an array of microphones (typically 4/8/16 no.s) and digitize their outputs using multi-channel ADCs and processes these digital acoustic data samples in DSP board(OMAP_L138 EVM from Logic PD, StarterWare).

I am looking for a board that can acquire analog signals, digitize, and send them to DSP via USB/Ethernet port so that I can process them in

Could anybody please suggest a ADC device AND evaluation kit for this application?