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TLV320ADC3101: how to implement PurePath Studio code into an end system

Part Number: TLV320ADC3101

I want to boot the TLV320ADC3101 in my design from my mcu via I2C.  I do not have an evaluation module, but even if I did I would at some stage need to incorporate the data in my end system.  Indeed at this stage I only want to know what hardware connection to provide on my prototype that will allow me to use e.g. an I2C to USB dongle to boot the ADC.

I have scoured the user guides, the GDE user interface, and the forums, and cannot find the missing link of how to take the output of PurePath Studio and somehow include it into my mcu code. I have located the files pps_driver.c and pps_driver.h (why is it in the GDE app folder in Program Files, rather than the folder structure GDE has made in My Documents?)  which I think are the Studio output, but there is no executable code in pps_driver, only data structures, so it is not obvious how to use them.

One document says "Refer to the PurePath Studio documentation for details on how to implement into an end system." but for the life of me I cannot find this allusive documentation.

  • Hi, Michael,

    With PurePath Studio you have the option to export the configuration of the device in .cfg or .c format. In order to generate these files, you need to configure your project settings as indicated in this post. The files with the code corresponding to the block diagram configured in PPS will be generated with the rest of the code in your project folder. In this Wiki article, you will find more information regarding PurePath Studio usage.

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      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer