PCM2912A: Schematic check

Part Number: PCM2912A

Hi Sirs,

Sorry to bother you.

We have design PCM2912A+TPA6012A4, schematic as below.

Could you help double confirm the schematic is OK or not? 




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  • Hi, Shu-Cheng,

    I have reviewed the schematic of the PCM2912, please refer to the comments below:

    • There is no resistor in parallel of the crystal, we recommend to use a 1MΩ resistor. 
    • Values of the capacitors of VCOMx pins are quite different from the datasheet suggestion, this might not be an issue but if possible please follow the recommended values. 
    • Is the input microphone connected to an external mic bias source?, If not, please connect it to the micbias source of pin 17.
    • Regarding the output filter, the configuration used seems different from the recommended in the datasheet, which is tested to get the best performance. We recommend to follow it as close as possible. For more information regarding the output filter, please refer to the attached app note. 

    I have asked my colleague to take a look to the TPA6012A4 section, he will get back to you as soon as possible. 


    Best Regards,

      -Diego Meléndez López
       Audio Applications Engineer

  • Hi Shu-Cheng,

    I have reviewed TPA6012A4 portion of the schematic. It seems the be fine.
    Will this device be operated in BTL mode all the time? Or the same output connectors will be used for both SE and BTL cases?

    Best regards,
    -Ivan Salazar
    Audio Applications Engineer - Low Power Audio & Actuators