TLV320AIC3110: AIC3110 Volume Control issue in ZTE

Part Number: TLV320AIC3110

Hi Team,

ZTE is using AIC3110 on some Car ending equipment. They reported the issue as: When they are normally playing music from I2S to analog output, headphone or class D, when they changed the (Page 1 / Register 36)and(Page 1 / Register 40)volume bit, tried to change the volume, They said they tried every bit, but none of them could effect the volume. The volume does not change.

And they pulled the state bit of volume control, the seems the volume never be changed. They said all the clocks are applied, since they are normally playing the sound.

[  390.981457] tlv320aic3100-codec 4-0018: tlv320aic3100: Write 0x10 to P1/R36

[  390.982633] tlv320aic3100-codec 4-0018: tlv320aic3100: P1/R36 = 0x10

[  391.091183] tlv320aic3100-codec 4-0018: tlv320aic3100: P1/R40 = 0x2


Please suggest how to adjust the volume.

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  • Hi, Peter,

    The Page 1 / Registers 36 and 40 can be used to control the HPL volume. However, customer must ensure the HPL is not muted.

    Page 1/ Register 36 / Bit D7 must be placed as '1' in order to route left-channel to HPL. When the volume is modified with this register, bit D7 must be placed as '1'. If this bit is placed as '0', the volume could not be modified.

    Page 1 / Register 40 / Bit D2 is used to mute or un-mute the HPL driver. Customer must ensure that this pin is placed as '1' in order to un-mute the driver.

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.