TLV320AIC3105: Playback and record stop working

Part Number: TLV320AIC3105


I get the issue with tlv320aic3105 when I test playback and recording. I turn on the audio board, configure the tlv320aic3105, I test playback and recording, and they look good; but after I test playback and recording, tlv320aic3105 stops working, I must reset the tlv320aic3105 to get playback and record to work again. I don’t know why tlv320aic3105 stops working.

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  • Hi Bruce,

    I'm sorry you're having some problems with the TLV320AIC3105. Im happy to help you, but first lets get some more information.

    1: Are you using the TLV320AIC3105EVM-K? or your own design?

    2: When you say that it stops working, are you able to read/write registers?

    3: what is your process for testing playback/record? I'm just curious because you say that the playback/record works, but then it stops working, so at what point, between the playback works, the record works, does the device stop working?

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    -Steve Wilson
  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your response.

    I am using our own design. I am using aplay/arecord commands to test playback/record.

    When code stops working, I am still able to write/read registers.

    I can playback and record after I power on the board (processor and codec); after a while (couple of minutes or 1~2 hours), the codec stops working, I cannot playback and record any more. I have to shut down the system and restart to get them to work. Also, there is loud noise when I do recording.

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  • In reply to Bruce Gao:

    ok, can you confirm that all of the registers are correct?
    if you are using the PLL, can you share your P, R, J, D settings and PLL_CLK in frequency?

    -read register 11 for ADC/DAC overflow flags.
    - try doing a software reset (write 0x80 to register 0) then reinitialize the codec and see if it works.

    I assume the codec is connected to a DSP or processor of some kind, I just want to see if the Codec or processor is causing the problem.

    best regards,
  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    Hi Steve,

    Below are the captured register values:

    Page 0/Register 3: 0x20 (P=8, Q=4, PLL is disabled)

    Page 0/Register 4: 0x04 (J=1)

    Page 0/Register 5: 0x0

    Page 0/Register 6: 0x0 (D=0)

    Page 0/Register 11: 0xC1 (ADC overflow)

    I checked that the system clock is 24576000, FS ref (sample rate) is 48000.

    It looks that ADCs are overflow. I was doing software reset (write 0x80 to page 0/register 1) and it doesn’t work, I must shut down the system (host processor am335x and tlv320aic3105) and restart to get them to work again.

    When the codec playback and record work, record has loud background noise.


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  • In reply to Bruce Gao:

    Hi Bruce,

    I have attempted to "split this thread" into the Sitara Processors Forum. I hope that thread will get some traction there.

    In the mean time, see below wiki pages with some suggestions for ALSA driver issues:'s_Guide's_Guide

    And see below forum posts with ALSA McASP issues on Sitara Processors - Use arecord -f CD | aplay for loopback - Frame sync timings not satisfied

    I am curious about the McASP settings configured by the ALSA driver you are using. I'm interested in the McASP clocking configuration - who is driving the clocks? And if any overrun/underruns are logged by the McASP.

  • In reply to Steve-Wilson:

    Hi Steve,

    Below are I2S configuration in device tree:

    /* ping assignments */
    mcasp0_pins_default: mcasp0_pins_default {
    pinctrl-single,pins = <
    0x190 ( PIN_INPUT_PULLUP | MUX_MODE0 ) /* (A13) mcasp0_aclkx.mcasp0_aclkx */
    0x194 ( PIN_INPUT_PULLUP | MUX_MODE0 ) /* (B13) mcasp0_fsx.mcasp0_fsx */

    0x198 ( PIN_INPUT_PULLUP | MUX_MODE0 ) /* (D12) mcasp0_axr0.mcasp0_axr0 */
    0x19c ( PIN_OUTPUT_PULLUP | MUX_MODE2 ) /* (C12) mcasp0_ahclkr.mcasp0_axr2 */

    0x06c ( PIN_OUTPUT_PULLDOWN | MUX_MODE7) /* gpmc_a11.GPIO1_27 */


    &i2c2 {
    status = "okay";
    tlv320aic3x: tlv320aic3x@18 {
    compatible = "ti,tlv320aic3x";
    reg = <0x18>;
    status = "okay";

    ai3x-micbias-vg = <MICBIAS_AVDDV>;
    /* ai3x-micbias-vg = <0x3>;*/
    /* Regulators */
    AVDD-supply = <&vaudio_3v3>;
    IOVDD-supply = <&vaudio_3v3>;
    DRVDD-supply = <&vaudio_3v3>;
    DVDD-supply = <&vaudio_1v8>;

    &mcasp0 {
    pinctrl-names = "default";
    pinctrl-0 = <&mcasp0_pins_default>;
    status = "okay";
    op-mode = <0>; /* MCASP_IIS_MODE */
    tdm-slots = <2>;
    num-serializer = <16>;
    serial-dir = < /* 0: INACTIVE, 1: TX, 2: RX */
    2 0 1 0
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 0
    tx-num-evt = <32>;
    rx-num-evt = <32>;

    /* sound card */
    / {
    clk_mcasp0_fixed: clk_mcasp0_fixed {
    #clock-cells = <0>;
    compatible = "fixed-clock";
    clock-frequency = <24576000>;

    clk_mcasp0: clk_mcasp0 {
    #clock-cells = <0>;
    compatible = "gpio-gate-clock";
    clocks = <&clk_mcasp0_fixed>;

    enable-gpios = <&gpio1 27 0>; /* BeagleBone Black Clk enable on GPIO1_27 */

    sound {
    compatible = "ti,da850-evm-audio";
    ti,model = "DA850 EVM";
    ti,audio-codec = <&tlv320aic3x>;
    ti,mcasp-controller = <&mcasp0>;
    ti,audio-routing =
    "Headphone Jack", "HPLOUT",
    "Headphone Jack", "HPROUT",
    "LINE1L", "Line In",
    "LINE1R", "Line In";
    clocks = <&clk_mcasp0_fixed>;
    clock-names = "mclk";

    In davinci-evm.c,
    static struct snd_soc_dai_link da850_evm_dai = {
    .name = "TLV320AIC3X",
    .stream_name = "AIC3X",
    .cpu_dai_name= "davinci-mcasp.0",
    .codec_dai_name = "tlv320aic3x-hifi",
    .codec_name = "tlv320aic3x-codec.1-0018",
    .platform_name = "davinci-mcasp.0",
    .init = evm_aic3x_init,
    .ops = &evm_ops,

    Since I use TX clock for both transmitter and receiver of McASP0, I clear the TX_ASYNC bit of DAVINCI_MCASP_ACLKXCTL_REG to set up synchronous mode in davinci-mcasp.c

    Best regards,
  • In reply to Mark Mckeown:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your help.

    In my case, codec is the master. The issue is: after I run playback or recording, and leave the board alone for a while (half hour ~ 2 hours), playback or recording doesn't work any more. I have to restart codec board to get it to work again.

    Best regards,
  • In reply to Bruce Gao:

    we do have overflow flags on the Codec, can you check the Mcasp too?