Where should I post my Data Converter question?

Hi Everyone!

This 'etc' forum is not looked after quite as well as some of the others, so if you simply are not sure which (Precision, High Speed, Audio, etc.) forum to post to, please consider the following:

  1. Audio converters are pretty self evident - if you've got a question about a CODEC, it probably belongs in the Audio Converter forum.  
  2. High Speed from the standpoint of analog to digital data converters, cuts off in the neighborhood of 10MSPs.  If the converter in question has a maximum data rate (by the PDS, not your application) that is under 10MSPs, the query probably belongs in the Precision Data Converter forum.  For sample rates above 10MSPs, the High Speed forum is the best place to start. 
  3. For digital to analog converters, the cut off is about 1MSPs update rate.  Under 1MSPs update should be directed to the Precision Data Converters Forum, above that should be directed to the High Speed Forum. 

There are some parts which fall between the lines, so if you are unsure which forum to post in, please do post here.  If the question(s) are generic in nature, please also feel free to post here.  We'll do our best to keep the response time at a minimum.  Please also note that questions regarding the embedded data converter on an MSP430 or Stellaris device for instance, should be directed to one of those respective forums.





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  • Hi Again!

    When posting to the forums, please consider the following -

    For interface related problems:


    • Can't communicate with ADSxxx or DACxxx - we'll ask for scope traces showing the control lines. 
    • Most serial related communication problems are the result of improper data to clock edge (phase) relationships. 
    • I2C issues are often address related, please verify your protocol and attach logic analyzer plots if possible.
    • Parallel communication problems are often related to setup and hold timing issues.


    For Performance related problems:

    • Most performance related problems are due to schematic and or layout errors; we'll probably ask to see your schematics and/or layouts 
    • ADC conversion errors are often related to the input drive stage. 
    • Improper reference voltage and/or drive causes errors in DACs and ADCs alike
    • Improper grounding techniques cause weird or sporadic errors that can be difficult to track down, we may ask for Gerber files to review your layout




  • Hi Tom!

    Where can I find the datasheet ADS932E?
  • In reply to Yury Bulichev:

    Hi Yury!

    I'm sorry, but I can't find any reference to that device.