My ADC0809 is to be used as standalone only taking input from one channel....ALE,OE is kept high....EOC and SOC are connected....we used clock from external scmhitt trigger as colck with freq 800KHz...start is given by a switch....LED's(connected after 120ohm resistance)glow randomly.

I had successfully operated it with internal clock and NO start pulse...SOC was always kept high....but it only came good one day and from the very next day it doesn't work.Please help

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  • Hi, Soumyadeep,

    Wow, this part is super old. I hope there are still some folks around who worked on this part.

    I am going to move your post to the data converter forum to see if any of them can help you. 


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    Don Dapkus

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    Hello Soumyadeep,

    Can you please clarify the statement : "but it only came good one day and from the very next day it doesn't work."

    Does this mean one day the circuit worked and the next day it didn't? Were there any changes in the circuit or testing procedure between on day and the next? What was the behaviour of the A/D when it didn't work and what was the difference between that and what you expected to see?

    If you could also share the schematic and intent of your circuit that would also be helpful.


    Jason Seitz

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