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ADS1298R EKGFE firmware load failed


As seen before in forum, I have the issue with the EVM:

After starting up the ADS1x98/8REKG-FE EVM Evaluation Software I got the following sequence:

  • Reading Binary file
  • Downloading binary file
  • USB connection established
  • Download successful
  • DSP not ready...retrying
  • Popup "The firmware load has failed due to connection timeout..."
  • Popup "Connection and FW Load Failed! Please check your connection/configuration and try again"

and Retry button does not help.

USB device is exists in Device Manager, and external power +/-10V applyed to +/-VA, and -5V applyed to -5VA at J14.

  • Hey Oleg,

    First, make sure you are running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed on your machine. If you are, try installing the version of ADCPro corresponding to your OS from the TI ftp site. Because of a bug on the forum page, I cannot post the entire link here, but in your browser, please navigate to "ftp.ti.com" then pub/, data_acquisition/, then ADCPro2/, then misc/, then drivers/. Let me know if that works.

    Brian Pisani
  • In reply to Brian Pisani:

    Your method does work for me. Thanks.
    ps: My machine is win7/64bits.