DDC264EVM: Using USB_IO_for_VB6.dll FPGA Register#9

Part Number: DDC264EVM

Dear TI,

I am an Engineer at OSI Optoelectronics. I am new to programming DDC624EVM but I have a lot of experience in VB6. I used WriteFPGARegsC to read and write the FPGA Registers. All registers are working fine except for Register#9. According to the User's Guide, the upper nibble(4-bits) must be 1 for 20-bit or zero for 16-bit. Also, the lower nibble should be 0 for 1-channel, 1 for 2-channels, 3 for 8-channels, ...10 for 1024 channels. I just need 128 channels. When I write &H17, which is 20-bit with 128 channels, to Register#9, I read back &H10 only. Whatever I write to Register#9, it always return with the lower nibble as zero. Why is that?

I am also having problems with configuring the DDC Registers. I initially write &H5A to the Array_Data. After I write to it and read it back, the array contents are still &H5A.

Thank you in advance for the help,

Romeo Demafelix

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