DAC5688: Question about the case of CLK2 only use

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Part Number: DAC5688

Please let me know about the case of CLK2 only use below,

①About configuration for CLK2 only use, is attached file correct?

 If there adjusting point, please let me know


②Is there described the CLK2 only use on the datasheet or any document?


・Customer is evaluating, but DAC5688 is not output.

 They are checking way of measure, one of idea is CLK2 only use.

DAC5688 Input is ADS4146 for default. 

・Customer is tried EXTERNAL CLOCK MODE, but DAC5688 is not output, too. 

・Other setting is below,

 ・fir4_ena: FIR4 Inverse SINC filter

 ・diffclk_ena: Differential CLK1

 ・sif_sync_sig: Sync SIF

 ・mixer_gain: MIXER +6dB

 ・nco_reg_sel(1:0): Choice the TXENABLE from FIFO output for Sync signal NCO register

 ・io_1p8_3p3: 1.8V

 ・PLL_sleep: PLL sleep

 ・PLL_ena: PLL disable


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