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Minimum Clock Frequency of High Speed Data Converters

High Speed Data Converters usually have Minimum Clock Frequency mentioned in the data sheet. 

What happens when a clock  below this frequency is used. 

Does the ADC stop working altogether or some of the performance parameters are degraded and how much degradation occurs. 

For example clock frequency should be 15Mhz to 65Mhz  for  normal operation of  ADC10DL065  .  What is the lowest frequency it can actually perform.

  • Hi Vineet

    For High Speed ADC products, the guaranteed minimum clock frequency is what we commit to our customers for every part they buy. Most parts will probably work at frequencies somewhat lower than the minimum, but we cannot guarantee operation or performance at any clock frequency lower than the guaranteed minimum.

    Generally as clock frequency is reduced below the rated minimum the performance will first degrade, and then at some point it is possible that functionality will be lost, or gross performance problems will be seen. The specific behavior depends a lot on the specific device architecture of the ADC in question.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Jim B