ADS7924: Interrupt configuration register for alarm generation

Part Number: ADS7924

Hi Team,

If the device is configured for ALMCNT[2:0] bits of INTCONFIG(Add: 0x12) register as 111 condition for generating alarm after configured channel's conversion result exceeds the threshold limit for 7 times then what will be the count value for below condition:

 a) If the result exceeds threshold limit for 3 times and then for 4th conversion result if it doesn't exceed threshold limit then will the count be cleared and counts from zero or it retains its previous value? if it retains its previous value then will it increase if the result exceeds threshold limit after some time?. Referred page-30 of data sheet  for register description (attached below).

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

Regards, Shinu Mathew.

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