TPL0102-100: TPL0102-100RUCR Control issue

Part Number: TPL0102-100

Hi There

I had used TPL0102-100 as the current limit controller and my application is TOF camera. My schematic is below:

On the same PCB, I had SMT the old part before 2 years ago by sample from Avnet and can work fine. But recently, I buy new item from Mouser and it is not work after SMT on the same PCB. 

Below is parameter when module operation with Voxel viewer:

Voltage of RVar = 388mV

Voltage of WB pin in TPL0102:

    Work fine item: 130mV~188mV (can control by Illumination Power in Voxel viewer(100%~50%) )

    Work NG item: 193mV (can't control by Illumination Power in Voxel viewer )

Below is scope capture the I2C pic, Red line=I2C_SLV_SCL_3V3, Green line=I2C_SLV_SDA_3V3:

Could you kindly give me support to clarify if the device defective?




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  • In reply to Uttam Sahu:

    Hi Uttam

    I think your concern is the red arrow in below image,right? (UP is working device, DOWN is non-working device)

    I think they are ACK from device and data return from device, so is it the issue for I2C tool ?


    Best Regards,


  • In reply to Yen Nan pan:

    Hi Nan,

    I understand your point. The fact that the SCL pulses after the ACK is being sent somewhere indicates that the controller is able to interpret the ACK. Please confirm whether there is setting for ignoring NACK's.

    However, in absence of any other strong lead, I would suggest testing with another controller so that we can reach closer to the root cause.