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PGA411Q1EVM: Not connecting to GUI

Part Number: PGA411Q1EVM


I am trying to connect the PGA411-Q1 EVM to the PGA41x-Q1 EVM GUI and there are a couple of things that I cannot seem to make it work. First, when I plug in the USB cable to my computer, the USB_RDY LED is constantly in a blinking state (I power on the device with 5VDC before I plug in the USB). There are random times when I can get the LED to stay solid, but when I do, the next problem happens; the GUI usually reads "Connection Status: connected" and "PGA41x-Q1 Device: Not Available." Based on the user manual, this makes me seems like the board isn't connecting. Every once in a while (totally random set of circumstances) the board will connect, and I get a status of "PGA41x-Q1 Device: Revision V111,11," which seems slightly odd. What can I do to make this work?

On top of that, when I probe the across the OE1 and OE2 pins, I don't see any excitation frequency. 

If you  have any advice, I would really appreciate it.