PGA970EVM: Unable generate correct wave form

Part Number: PGA970EVM


I have a PGA970EVM with usb2any and xds200 swd

First i try to generate a wave form, but i'm unable to create and control a good wave form.
In my example normaly i should have a 5khz sinus wave.
I was never able to modify the wave form.
i change the frequency, populate waveform table
i write the table
clik one generate.
Nothing sim to work.

On the scope you can show P1 and P2 (TP22 and TP25)

The EVM is configurate by default, with 12V DC power. There is 29MA of current consumption.

What is disturb me:
1) on "data & waveform Ram" on Page Address 0x1, i could not read back the wave form table.
When i read all or just a line, after 2 read, it never read back similar values?
2) to have something in output on P1 and P2, i need to active Modulator clock of ADC1 on the Iface?
3)on dac setting, Dac enable or dac Disable, then nothing change on p1 orp2?

Then I try to program each step in datasheet of 7.5 Programming Tips:
7.5.2 Turning On the Accurate Reference Buffer (REFCAP Voltage)
7.5.6 Turning on the Waveform Generator
7.5.7 Turning on DAC and DAC Gain
7.5.8 Turning On Gate Control.

Could you please help me to un lock the situation.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards.

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