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WEBENCH® Tools/LDCCOILEVM: WEBENCH Coil Designer Eagle Consistency Issues


Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools


I used the Webench Coil Designer to recreate coil Q from the LDC reference coils set, since I'm trying to implement it in a design in Eagle 9.0.1.

When exporting the file, I didn't get a schematic (although the readme.txt referred to using it) and tried to use the .brd and .scr to put the coil in my designs, but it didn't work.
I followed the steps in a different thread with the LDC1000.zip, but that only gives me 9 consistency errors with "schematic and board are not consistent".
I also tried using Eagle 7.1.0, but without success, it gave the same errors.

Also, when I downloaded the LDCCOILEVM Design file to get the schematic of coil Q into Eagle through the gerber files, it seems I am missing something to get it to work?

What do I need to do to resolve this issue?

Kind regards,

Ricardo A. Rodrigues