ADS8900B: Questions for ADS8900B MultiSPI Configuration

Part Number: ADS8900B

Hi Experts,

Our customer is evaluating our ADS8900B and see some comments regarding to the MultiSPI Configuration stated in TIDA-01351, but they want to know what's the advantage and disadvantage for these two configurations, and which one is popular in now day applications we prefered?

Thanks a lot! 

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  • Hello Jacky,

    The biggest advantage of Figure 6 is the reduction in the number of IO lines needed to interface to 2 ADC's, but you are limited to simultaneous sampling. Figure 7 will provide more flexibility and full independent control, allowing both simultaneous or independent sampling, but requires more IO lines.

    Regarding specifics for ultrasound application, I am asking the systems team to comment.

    Keith N.
    Precision ADC applications