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PGA411Q1EVM: PGA411-EVM board errors

Part Number: PGA411Q1EVM


I am using the  PGA411-EVM launchpad. All the jumpers are configured as mentioned in the user guide. I am connecting the 5V DC from the external supply using Banana Connectors. As soon as I connect those banana connectors to board the external supply is dropping around 3V to 3.3V from supplied 5V. But when I connected the EVM using USB to PC I can see the solid green light and all the fields in GUI to be correct like status connected, USB version number and PGA411 device revision numbers as mentioned in the user guide. I was also able to observe sinusoidal signals from OE1 and OE2. 

But the working of the EVM is completely random. Sometimes it is working as mentioned above but sometimes I can see the solid green light and all the fields in GUI is accurate except the PGA411 device as not available, no signals from 0E1 and OE2. 

The voltage drop is happening all the time irrespective of anything.

I want to know if this voltage drop is normal? If it is normal then I have some questions regarding connecting TMS320F28379D launchpad with the EVM. 

If anyone has any advise, I would really appreciate it. 



  • Bala,

    The board separates the power supply for the MSP430 and the PGA411. The MSP430 is supplied from USB, and the PGA411 is supplied from the banana jacks.

    What is the current limit on your power supply? After double checking the jumper settings, try to increase the current limit.
  • In reply to Clancy Soehren:

    Thank you so much for the help.I followed your suggestions. After incresing the current limit the volatage is not dropping and it is constant 5V.

    Now I am trying to communicate with TMS320F28379 Launchpad but I am not able to receive any SPI response back.

    1. I am sending 1 byte at a time and repeating it 4 times
    2. The clock frequency is 1 Mhz
    3. I observed that the chip select is low for entire 32 bit transfer
    4. Configured SPI as CPOL = 0 and CPHA = 1
    5. I made sure NCS is kept high for 1ms between two SPI commands
    I tried changing the J3 to both 3 and 5, 4 and 6 but there is no response. Is there anything that I am missing?