PGA970EVM: Fram load and verify error, PGA970EVM unable to have a good wave form

Part Number: PGA970EVM


I have a PGA970EVM
First i try to generate a wave form, but i'm unable to create and control a good wave form.

After read topic on your forum i decide to verify the hex.
1) i control SECLOK register is Disabled
2) i control DEBUG_LOCK register is Unlocked

3) With Fram programming on digital interface with USB2ANY:
3.1 i read FRAM, majority of data read was == 2.
3.2 i decide to Load PGA970_FW_Release_1_5_Generic.hex
3.3 i verify FRAM, wrong result, majority of data read was == 2

Is it possible there is mistake with USB2ANY communication with PGA970 chip, and PGA970 application PC.
First application PC run, an upgrade if USB2ANY has been done?

Is it possible my PGA970EVM is overRun.

Do i need to config something???

Have you an issue, a dignostic response?

Thnaks for your attention.
Best Regards.

Yannick Bouchet

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  • Hi Yannick,

    First we should rule out that the USB2ANY is not communicating properly with the PGA970. The PGA970 GUI should automatically update the firmware on the USB2ANY if you try to run it without the proper firmware version, however sometimes this can fail.

    To force the GUI to upgrade the firmware you must install a different version first. To do this you can navigate to the USB2ANY SDK folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\TI USB2ANY SDK\bin). From here run the USB2ANY Explorer.exe file. This will prompt you to update the firmware. Once the firmware update is completed, exit from the program. Next open the PGA970EVM GUI again, and it should prompt you to update the firmware a second time. Complete the update, and you will have the proper firmware on the USB2ANY.

    Please try this first, and if this does not change your results with the EVM let me know. I will investigate other possible causes for your issues in the meantime.



    Scott Cummins

    Sensor Signal Conditioning Applications