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ADS131A02: sampling rate

Part Number: ADS131A02

Hi team

The question is, does the ADS131A02 provide different sampling rates at both channels at the same time?
Or differently asked, Does simultaneous sampling mean, that both channels are always working with the same sampling rate?

Best Regards,
Takanori Yuzawa

  • Hi Yuzawa-san,

    Is your question about sampling rate (i.e. when does the actual sample take place) or about data rate (i.e. how often is data available to the end user)? I ask because people often confuse the two with delta-sigma converters. Either way, the sampling is simultaneous, which means both channels sample their respective inputs at the same time. You can't change that through any of the register configurations. Likewise, the data rate (how often a final sample is presented to the output) is fixed for both channels. The CLK1 and CLK2 registers do not allow you to program different data rates/channel. I hope that helps clear things up, have a great weekend!