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TVP5158 FW patch


We have a problem with the TVP5158 FW patch.


We have been using it originally with FW Patch V2.1.17

And configured DVO_A as the output of either CH1 or 2 (standard mode and not any of the special interleaved modes)


We then swapped to using DVO_B as our main output of either CH1 or 2 (standard mode and not any of the special interleaved modes)

Then we noticed that DVO_B was not working as expected.

This was only working properly when DVO_B was configured with CH2 and CH2 was connected on the input.

DVO_B was still outputting video image from CH2 even if was configured as CH1 input and CH1 was not connected!

if we connected CH1 we only got black screen with some stripes.


We tried switching to earlier FW patch V2.1.16 but the behavior was the same.


We then tried not loading the patch all together (hence we verify version in registers as V2.0.0)

In this case DVO_B works perfectly as expected! So this issue is definitely related to the patch loading, presumably a bug in this patch code, or some configuration seeting which need to be addressed differently when using this patch.  


Again out setup is

8-bit BT.656 mode non interleaved, output on DVO_B only (DVO_A,C,D not used)

Input Channels 1 and 2

We cannot properly switch DVO_B output between CH1 and 2, it seems to always take some data from CH2 even if configured as CH1 which causes image corruption at output.


We need yr urgent help with this issue to understand if we can use above mode as expected.

Or we must refrain from using it and must use DVO_A instead.

Or alternatively need to not load the patch in which case what are the problems we can expect when not loading the patch code.