controling TVP7002EVM using a microcontroller

i want to design a board according to the TVP7002EVM and using several settings.

i want to config the board using microcontroller

for now i want to simulate the programming of the microcontroller with the TVP7002EVM.

my question is how to connect the microcontroller to the TVP7002EVM, should i connect it directly to the board? of should i connect it to the right pins (I2C) in the parallel port?


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  • You can can connect SCL and SDA to the SCL/SDA testpoints pads on the PCB.  These points are after the 74AHC05 and will be pulled high (3.3V) when the printer port cable is disconnected.  You will also need a ground connection.

  • In reply to Larry Taylor:

    in the tvp7002evm i can see the points SDA and SCL, those are filled, i can't put a wire in there.

    in the ths8200 i can see holes near the SDA and SCL where i can put the wires.

    i can try to to connect through the 25pin in the TVP7002EVM directly to the DB11 and DB15.

    what is the best option? if i connect to the ths8200, will i get full control? will the 25pin will be enough?

  • In reply to Gilad Schnurmacher85577:

    okay, i connected microcontroler throgh the SCL and SDA ports in the THS8200.

    where should i take the ground connection? i thought first to use one of the lpt ground ports, is it a good idea?

    also, i have a problem with the signal, i have the signals that i got with a scope, what is wrong?

     (yellow is SCL, and green is SDA)