TVP5158: Layout clarifications


It is quoted in SLEA073A TVP5158 Layout guidelines as follows:

· VIN_x_P and VIN_x_N should be routed side by side as differential lines. The clearance between two
traces should two to three times the trace width.
· Maintain a CVBS video input trace impedance of 75ohm.

My concern is that, according to our stack up, to route VIN_x_P and VIN_x_N lines as differential, with 75 ohm impedance, we have to route it with 6 mil trace width and 4 mil tolerance, which violates the 1st point quoted.

Please let me know if it is ok to proceed?



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  • The main concern is to maintain an impedance as close as possible to 75R. However this is achieved is not critical and should be adapted to your specific layout constraints.



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