TVP5150AM1: NTSC 3.58 not supported ?

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Part Number: TVP5150AM1


We recently connected a new NTSC camera to our system , which is composed of tvp5150AM1 configured as following: 

camera --- tvp5150AM1 --- dm8148 ---- LCD 

But  LCD shows lines and seems to have some issue with the camera.

I suspect that tvp5150AM1 can't handle the new camera for some reason.

Can it be that it is 3.58 (instead of the supported 4.43) ?

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  • Unfortunately there are MANY places that could be at fault.

    I would start by checking the camera. Does it output a format that is supported by the TVP?

    Is the TVP configured fot auto format switching?

    Is the format enabled in the TVP for automatic switching?

    Reading the TVP status registers do they indicate H, V and color lock? Does the lost lock bit ever get set (needs to be read to clear it)?

    Is the DM8148 VIP configured correctly for the received format?

    Are the scalers used to generate the LCD image? Are they configured correctly for the source image?

    Can you dump the VIP capture frame buffer data and check it?

    If scaling back to memory before displaying on the LCD can you dump and check that display frame buffer?

    What makes you say "the TVP can't handle the new camera"? Is there something known that is different about it compared to other cameras?

    Can you post a picture of what you see?



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    In reply to Steve Clynes:


    Thank you for the check points !
    I'll check, and get back with more information on this issue.

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