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Hi, I'm working matlab 2009a and CCSv4 to load data from simulinkto the F2812, but I get the following error:

 "Error building Real-Time Workshop target for block diagram 'test1'. MATLAB error message:The call to ccslink_ert_make_rtw_hook, During The Following entryhook generated the error: Error while Establishing a connection tothe IDE. Caused by: Error while Connecting to Code ComposerStudio (tm). Caused by: This version of the Embedded IDE Link CCdoes not support your version of Code Composer Studio (TM) IDE.The Code Composer Studio (TM) Support in this release version is3.3. Refer to the Embedded IDE Link CC data sheet for moreinformation on product requirements. The build process willterminate as a result. "


  • Hi Ivan,

    Simulink does not support CCSv4. Sorry.



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  • In reply to Ki-Soo Lee:

    hi Ki-soo lee thank you very much for the reply. I work with IVAN 

    now we would know how we can work on these programs because 
    we have a eZdspf2812 communicating through a xds100v2 and we need 
    work in real time with Simulink, you can recommend that option 
    to continue our work. 

  • In reply to dario Narvaez:

    MathWorks tools do support code generation and processor-in-the-loop functionality in CCS4.x through XMakefile utilities.

    See http://www.mathworks.com/support/solutions/en/data/1-DM9192/ for more information.


    Only the IDE automation piece is not supported for CCS4.x



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    hello, thank you very much for the information, start looking for the matlab and test edition.....thank you very much

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     we are now working with Matlab 2011a. 

    This version is compatible with ccs4, Based on what we read

    but we have problems trying to compile from simulink we get this error:

    "The call to idelink_ert_make_rtw_hook, during the entry hook generated the following error:
    Could not connect to the board specified in Target Preferences block.

    The build process will terminate as a result. "

    and no files are generated 

    could you help with this. 


  • In reply to dario Narvaez:

    R2011a still requires the use of the XMakefile utilitie to build and load code with CCSv4. Code generation is supported, but IDE automation is not.

    If you have a MathWorks account, you can find a tutorial about using MathWorks tools with CCSv4 at:



  • In reply to Noam Levine:

    thank you very much for the reply, review the content of the link

  • In reply to Ivan Gonzalez:

    With help from a customer who understand XMakefile much better than I do, we were able to get this running for the C674x EVM.  Below are the steps we followed and attached are some of the key dialog boxes in the screen shot.  I found I could build in MATLAB/Simulink and then run code in CCSv4 (even hearing audio in this simple .mdl file).

    The steps were all based on the TI packages advised by the following command/output:

    >> checkEnvSetup('ccs','C6747EVM','list')


    1. CCS (Code Composer Studio)

       Required version:

       Required for    : Automation and Code Generation


    2. CGT (Code Generation Tools)

       Required version: 6.1.10

       Required for    : Code generation


    3. DSP/BIOS (Real Time Operating System)

       Required version: 5.33.05

       Required for    : Code generation


    4. Texas Instruments IMGLIB (C64x+)

       Required version: 2.0.1

       Required for    : TFL block replacement

       Required environment variables (name, value):

       (C64XP_IMGLIB_INSTALLDIR, "<Texas Instruments IMGLIB (C64x+) installation folder>")


    5. C6747 DSP/BIOS PSP Drivers

       Required version: 1.20.00

       Required for    : Code generation

       Required environment variables (name, value):

       (PSP_EVMC6747_INSTALLDIR, "<C6747 DSP\BIOS PSP Drivers installation folder>")


    6. EDMA3 LLD (EDMA3 Low Level Driver)

       Required version: 1.06.00 or later

       Required for    : Device drivers

       Required environment variables (name, value):

       (EDMA3LLD_BIOS5_INSTALLDIR, "<EDMA3 LLD (EDMA3 Low Level Driver) installation folder>")


    7. NDK (Network Developer's Kit)

       Required version: or later

       Required for    : External mode and Ethernet blocks

       Required environment variables (name, value):

       (NDK_EVMC6747_INSTALLDIR, "<NDK (Network Developer's Kit) installation folder>")


    8. C6747EVM BSP (Board Support Package)

       Required version: 1

       Required for    : Device drivers

       Required environment variables (name, value):

       (BSL_EVMC6747_INSTALLDIR, "<C6747EVM BSP (Board Support Package) installation folder>")


    1.     Read "Making an XMakefile Configuration Operational" in MATLAB help.

    2.     Download and install BIOS PSP Release version 01.20.00

    3. Download and install  from http://support.spectrumdigital.com/boards/evmomapl137/revg/files/EVMOMAPL137-CCSetupConfigs.zip (ERROR: Code generation cannot proceed because the following file or folder could not be found: $(Install_dir)\boards\evmc6747_v1\dsp\include)

    4. Change in target preferences path –  Include paths

    5. Download and install EDMA3LLD   (ERROR: Code generation cannot proceed because the following file or folder could not be found: $(EDMA3LLD_BIOS5_INSTALLDIR)\packages

    6. Change in target preferences path – Libraries

    7. Added these WinXP Env variables:

    BIOS_INSTALL_DIR = J:\bios_5_41_02_14\packages

    PSP_EVMC6747_INSTALLDIR = J:\pspdrivers_01_20_00

    EDMA3LLD_BIOS5_INSTALLDIR = J:\edma3_lld_01_06_00_01

    There is probably a cleaner way to do the above steps, but they are at least functional.


  • In reply to Joe George:


    thanks very much for the information and publications, we have solved the problem and we can schedule from simulink to the DSP using Matlab version 2010b and from 2011a, thanks

  • Hi Ivan. I am having the same problem these days. I am a beginner , need your help. Hope you would suggest some straight and easy path to approach that.