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TI devboard does not works with CCS5.1


Just received a brand new devboard: MSP-TS430PZ100 (http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-ts430pz100)

Every jumper is left as it is from factory (J6,J7 on), no external power, just the FET430UIF connected to the JTAG port.

Brand new MSP430F4784 introduced in it.

CCS5.1: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device

CCS4.2: Programming works well - no problem.

So it's not a hardware design as it was suggested on this link: http://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/f/81/t/155664.aspx

since the TI devboard reacts in the same way - doesn't work with CCS5.1, v3 FET-UIF firmware

Might be it's the power failure bug mentioned by Lisa in the previous link but I would need to know what is happening since this issue is a showstopper in our development. I have doubts about power failure since the AFE253 board works well with CCS5.1 with power from the FET-UIF (same 4 fire jtag setup).

Tried Andreas's fix as well from this link: http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/msp43016-bit_ultra-low_power_mcus/f/166/t/155784.aspx

The results are the same - probably it fixes only for BT5xxx family (if it does).

Regards, B.

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    It seems what you are could be symptomatic of dll v2 vs v3.

    Did CCSv5 ask to update the firmware on your FET?  Did you do the update? Have you tried updating to v3 using the upgrade/downgrade utility?

    Please see this wiki:


    Please keep us informed.  If it is not the version we will keep digging.

    Best Regards,

  • In reply to Lisa TI:

    The FET was updated automatically by CCSv5.1.

    I have installed the Elprotronic Lite FetPro430 which shows the version of the firmware and it shows v3 firmware (

    Also tried v3.02.03.002 from the Elprotronic package - same results (not working).

    So the problem appears only with v3 dll's while v2 works.

    We need to buy asap the CCS (tests were done with the free version) and we cannot proceed until we are sure it works for this MCU which is the target for our development.

    It is possible to buy older versions (like 4.2) than upgrade it for 5.1 when TI fixes this issue?



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    In reply to Brown59592:

    Hi Brown,

    ok so it seems like it is then most likely the power issue or the device got lost in the support like the BT5190 unfortunately.  I will have this looked into.

    In the mean time you can purchase and download a license to work with CCSv4.    This comes with a 1 year subscription which would allow you to upgrade to a v5 license in the future.  MOre information on this can be found here:


    Best Regards,

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    In reply to Lisa TI:

    Hi Brown,

    I have been able to confirm your device is also problematic in the v3 dll and is not fixed by the current patch you already tried.

    It seems like someone from the MSP team is likely to touch base with you briefly offline about this.

    Sorry once again for the inconvenience.   I will close the case for now as this is a known issue.

    Best Regards,

  • In reply to Lisa TI:

    Hello TI,

    I appear to have the same issue. I get a unknown device error when I connect my debugger to the same dev board using 5.1.  Could you post the resolution to this problem as the resolution appears to have taken place off line?