The GEL callback "OnTargetConnect()" is no longer running atomically

Respected Sir / Madam,

   I am using CCSV4 and i am using XDS 510 JTAG for programming my Centaurus(TMDXEVM8148ALP) board .I am trying to connect ARM Cortex A8, but when i try to connect CCS to the target after loading GEL files,after some time it stops at "MMU has been written" and then i get error message  "the GEL callback "OnTargetConnect()" is no longer running atomically". Can anybody help me in this regard. I am not understanding what to do. I restart my PC and CCS several times,also i tried to clean my project and rebuild it but nothing worked. I also tried CPU reset and SYSTEM reset but nothing helped.

Thanks in advance.

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