J-Link support available for Code Composer Studio

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TI now had a beta version of support for Segger's J-Link emulators. Initial support is for Stellaris and Hercules devices.

More details are available on the J-Link support wiki.

If you have any questions about using the support, please ask them here.

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  • Can Jlink support TMS470MF06607 which is also Hercules device now? This feature should bring customer great convenience. Thanks!

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    In reply to Luffy Li:


    We can support TMS470MF06607, but it will require a small addition to one of the supporting XML files.

    Specifically, in ccsv5\ccs_base\common\targetdb\drivers\jlinkcortexm3.xml, add the following along with the other properties. We'll look into how to support this out of the box.

    <property Type="hiddenfield" Value="Big Endian" id="Endianness" />

    <property Type="stringfield" Value="..\..\..\common\targetdb\drivers\jlink_scriptfiles\TMS470M.jlinkscript" id="J-Link Scriptfile Path" />

  • In reply to AndyW:

    Do you know if there is JLink support for AM335x yet?  Wiki link above suggests it is coming but does not mention a timeline.

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    In reply to Juan Gonzales:


    We've deferred support for the Cortex A8 and ARM9 families while we gauge customer interest. Please contact me by email if you'd like to discuss further.

  • What for CCS need to halt CPU core (DRV8301-RM48-KIT)?

    Becuase of this, continuous update of variables while running program doesn't work, and I need to use checkbox "halt CPU for any access" in debug properties of project. CCS need to halt CPU to update shown variables, and motor periodicaly stop rotating for short period of time.

    I have this problem leading to unable to use Hercules MotorWave software in CCS from TI.

    For reference, TXD100v2 work perfectly (of course, very slow) without halting CPU to update shown variables. When I am using JLink (in linux), message appears like "unable to read values because of program running" instead of values.

  • Is J-Link support working?