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Program not loading on to MCU

I am using a LauchPad in conjunction with a MSP430G2231 MCU.  The first time I tried to load a program onto the microcontroller (the example "blinking lights" program), it loaded fine and overrode the previous program (the temperature sensor preloaded program).  I changed a few minor things in the operation of the program (flashing the other light as well) and retried it.  The new program did not load.  There were no errors, and the program had the appearance of loading; it just would not load.

I reverted the program and tried changing it in other ways, like changing the blink speed.  It compiled fine, it just didn't show up on the microcontroller.  The one error that I encountered was something about not being able to access memory block #00F or something like that.  All the other times it worked fine, but did nothing to change the microcontroller's behavior.

Finally, I just tried setting the LED to be solid.  Once again, it compiled fine, but the LED kept flashing.

One minor problem is that the "Run" option is disabled in my Code Composer Studio.  That seems weird, but I just unplugged the USB and replugged it in and it ran fine.

Can you help me?

Sorry about the length.