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Using CVS with CCS v5


I recently installed CCS v5 on my Windows 7 box and I’m trying to use its CVS client to check out code from our CVS server.  However when trying to communicate with our CVS server, Code Composer is generating the following error:

 “Could not connect to :ext:mag@ I/O exception occurred:  Cannot run program “ssh”. CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.”

It appears that it cannot find the ssh program.  Checking the plugins directory of my installation I found the following plugin:


How do I get CCS to communication with our CVS server?


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    I don't have much experience with CVS in CCS, but I wonder if the issue you are facing may be related to proxy settings. I found the following references on the web which might be helpful, and you may find more through an internet search.




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    Thanks for your reply.

    I finally got it working.  The steps I followed were:

    1. Enable Team Capability under Window->Preferences->General->Capabilities: select Team

    2. This was key to fixing it: Enable extssh connection: Window->Preferences->Team->CVS->Ext Connection Method: select Use another connection method type to connect

         Then select extssh on the connection pulldown.

         This was key because the default connection type is ssh and apparently CCS v5 does NOT bundle an ssh client, hence the Cannot run program “ssh” error.

         CCS v5 does however bundle an ssh2 client (i.e. extssh).

    3. Copied the ~/.ssh directory and contents from my linux account home directory into my Windows 7 PC at c:\Users\{mywindowsaccount}\.ssh

          This gets the privacy keys needed to connect to our CVS server.  Since I already had a set of keys (saved in my linux account) to connect to our servers I just copied them to the Windows 7 PC that I run CCS v5 from.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    In reply to Mark Goldberg:


    Glad to hear you got it working and thanks for posting the steps. They will surely be helpful for other users that are looking for this support.


    Search the wikis for common questions: CGTCCSv6
    Track a known bug with SDOWP. Enter the bug id in the "Find Record ID" box