• Resolved

Configuration of XDS560v2 STM for CCS 5.1 and TMS320C6416T DSK

I have installed CCS 5.1.1 under Linux and connected the JTAG emulator XDS560v2 STM to the PC.

According to the tool rootsd_emupack5.1.1.08 the connection of the PC to the JTAG emulator via USB and LAN works well.

But I failed to configure CCS to use the JTAG adapter to connect to a TMS320C6416T DSK board. The appropriate configuration files seem not to exist.

Do you know a working configuration for CCS 5.1.1 and XDS560v2 STM to connect to this DSK board? This DSK board is very similar to our custom-build device using the TMS320C6416 we use so I could easily adapt the configuration for the DSK to this device.

Kind Regards,

Johannes Hennecke