Beaglebone kernel debugging with CCS v5.1


I'm using a Beagle bone REV4 with all software installed on an VMWare.Ubuntu 11.04. I can compile my kernel and use it with a tftp/nfs boot. I can use the CCSV5 to debug in RUN MODE (user space application).

BUT I fail trying to begin with Kernel debuging with CCS. I've tried the sitara support package documentation or such tutorial below but no way.

THe main problem i think ? is that I never can have a connection such as XDS100V2 USB Emulator ? I think i need this connection ... but not sure.

The BBone should embed necessary hardware  but noway, I never have any other "connections" than "Data snapshot viewer". and indeed the directory "ccs_base/common/targetdb/connections" does nt contain anything else than "DataSnapshotViewer.xml".

Please help ?

  • Hello,

    THe main problem i think ? is that I never can have a connection such as XDS100V2 USB Emulator ? I think i need this connection ... but not sure.

    I believe the Beaglebone comes with on-board XDS100v2 emulation. You will need to use this since kernel debugging vs CCS requires a JTAG emulation (like XDS100).

    When trying to debug using CCSv5 and XDS100, check out the below topic:

    Even though it is for debugging Uboot, the part about debugging a target running a high level OS is relevant.



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    Hi all,

    Answer to my first question was simply that CCSV5 was not correctly installed.

    I re-installed with "root" rights then re-selected all emulators during ccsv5 installer configuration, and now i can correctly use the XDS100V2 drivers.

    That's said, i still can't access to my USB-Jtag Beaglbone serial interface.

    Here are my last tries:

    Please notice that

    - my Beaglebone (RevA3 or RevA4)  boots correctly and i can see the two created USB ports on my Host (ubuntu 11.04 in a MacOSx virtual box): ttyUSB1 is used for a terminal session on the beagle bone and ttyUSB0 is not used.

    - The command "xds100serial" tells me:

    Scanning for XDS100 emulators...

    VID/PID Type Serial # Description

    0403/a6d0 XDS100v1/v2 ? BeagleBon

     No serial number found ?

    Here is the result of "test connection" of target configuration from CCS


    Execute the command:

    %ccs_base%/common/uscif/dbgjtag -f %boarddatafile% -rv -o -F inform,logfile=yes -S pathlength -S integrity


    -----[Print the board config pathname(s)]------------------------------------


    -----[Print the reset-command software log-file]-----------------------------

    This utility has selected a 100- or 510-class product.
    This utility will load the adapter ''.

    An error occurred while soft opening the controller.

    -----[An error has occurred and this utility has aborted]--------------------

    This error is generated by TI's USCIF driver or utilities.

    The value is '-151' (0xffffff69).
    The title is 'SC_ERR_FTDI_OPEN'.

    The explanation is:
    One of the FTDI driver functions used during
    the connect returned bad status or an error.
    The cause may one or more of: invalid emulator serial number,
    blank emulator EEPROM, missing FTDI drivers, faulty USB cable.
    Use the xds100serial command-line utility in the 'common/uscif'
    folder to verify the emulator can be located.


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    Ki-Soo Lee

    Regarding this topic I'm unfortunately in the bad case ...

    • CCSv5.1.0 for Linux: Revisions A3 and A4 can be used
    • CCSv5.1.0 for Windows: Revisions A3 and A4 can be used
    • CCSv5.1.1 for Linux: Revision A5 can be used
    • CCSv5.1.1 for Windows: Revisions A3, A4 and A5 can be use

    Case "CCSv5.1.1 for Linux" and owning only Rev A3 and Rev A4 boards really unlucky !

    I see two solutions:

    1) Unsinstall and re-install all my CCS environement backward to CCSv5.1. Would not like has i've got all my workspace and remote configs operationnal ...

    ==> If i get back to 5.1.0 version can i keep all my CCS installation configuration Full Workspace, Projects, Remote systeme Explorer ?

    2) Update the existing VID/PID (0403/a6d0) of Rev3 & Rev4 boards to standard VID/PID of serial USB FTDI chip (0403/6001).

    ==> Can any one confirm that would solve my problem ?


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    I have two REV A3 boards and I updated the VID/PID in one of them to 0403/6001 - option 2) in your case.

    It works flawlessly in my mixed OS/CCS scenario - as you can imagine, we at TI have multiple versions installed.

    Hope this helps,


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    So ... It's a pitty but i definitely can't see my beagleboards on Windows Vista Famillia Premium SP2.

    Strangely when i connect them Windows sees a strange VID/PID couple: USB\VID_0424&PID_2412&REV_0;;2

    So FTProg can never reach the device.

    If you can see on previous post my Linux correctly see VID and PID.

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    I guess you are connecting your Beagle Bone through a Hub... Check here.

    The VID/PID should be either the 0x403/A6D0 (TI XDS100) or the FTDI's 0403/6010...

    There is a weird 0451/6141 that is related to the AM3359's USB client.



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    Hi all,

    I must do something wrong but i fail installing driver for my bbone on Windows, The objective is just to use "FTProg.exe' to change my VID/PID back to standard FTDI ones. I'm not using an USB hub. Bbone RevA4 Directly connected to my Windows PC.

    ==> [Failed] The install of "" definitly fails because "french" not supported on the installer (My windows vista premium is french ... hips ;O(.

    ==> [Failed] Then i tried to get usual FTDI driver and make necessary modifications (from to recognize the 0x403/A6D0 VID/PID. See also this FAQ:!msg/beagleboard/FlFYX3XPbO4/XdiTtv5J2fcJ

    Then the driver is not accepete for this device by Windows

    ==> So i have a look to the recognized device when i connect my beagle bone and there is these very strange VID/PID: See joined picture.

    Last, notice that under Ubuntu linux the BBone is well recognized with the current VID/PID (0x403/A6D0) ?

    Help ...

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    Did you try to search for a device driver for this unknown device? I am really puzzled by the strange VID/PID shown. According to this page, the VID 0424 belongs to Standard Microsystems Corp (commonly known as SMSC) and the PID matches this HUB device from SMSC. Another search hits this page that mentions support is available in certain .inf files.

    I recall having trouble with USB hubs in the past that may help you:

    - Some desktops/laptops have built-in HUBs to expand their number of USB ports, which is not obvious as they are completely integrated into the PC. I recall having some trouble with them in the past...Therefore, installing their drivers brings visibility to their nodes

    - Also, I also recall that some of these HUBs are only active when there is a device plugged into it (therefore it explains why you may not have seen this strange device before). You can test this by plugging a USB stick to the same port and see if the same strange device shows up (USB sticks have a more standard support).

    Other than that I am really running out of ideas - unless trying a completely different PC is an alternative to you... 

    Oh, one last thing: is your Vista machine a Vmware? I have experienced some inconsistencies in hardware support when running these from VMs...

    A colleague has a Windows Vista machine here and I tested my RevA4 on it, which worked fine (check the attached screens).