some question on debug the program with CCS3.3 based on DM648

Hi,everyone. our program is run on the DM648  based on the CCS3.3, and our BIOS is DSP/BIOS 5.31.02. However, the program can run if we use the "F11", while the program is dead if we use "F5", Please give some advice to us, thank you!

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    What exactly do you mean when you say the program can run with Step Into (F11) instead of Run (F5)? Is the result of a calculation correctly evaluated, or a return value properly set?

    When using Step Into, CCS will halt your target at every step on its way, therefore delaying the execution and causing it to behave in an entirely different way when compared to run at full speed - things like peripheral initialization routines, interrupts, data transfers, and a multitude of other tasks make it very difficult to compare the two execution modes with the level of detail provided.



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    I am using CCS v3.3 for TMS320LF2407A programming in C. when i load and  run the code in target device, it stuck somewhere in program. i want to view and monitor where it has been stuck ? or in which loop or line it has been stopped ? please me how to view this.