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How debug the DSP side code of IPNC_RDK using CCS


I am a software engineer of DSP and used the Davinci Device and Linux OS first.

Now, I have some questions about debugging the dsp side code of IPNC_RDK using CCS:

1,  I have connected the dsp without the gel file as follow: 

    1) I configure the target configurations file as follow, and launch the DM8148  device succeed.



       Then I want to connect the dsp of DM8148.

     2) I used the IPNC camera, so I connect the dsp as follow:

         Insert the "load_c6xdsp" in the serial console, make the dsp out of the "reset" status. 


         Then I connect the dsp, it succeed,


     3) I run the system_server by insert the "./system_server &" in the serial console.


    4) I load symbols and choose the executable of dsp firmware in the ccs 


Then I click the F8 to run the dsp. However the dsp will halt and I must run it again and again for more times.

My steps is corrected?

2. If I want debug the dsp code, what should I do?

    I have accord to the instrument of TI  Engineer in the http://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/davinci_digital_media_processors/f/716/p/234047/824556.aspx#824556.

    I choose a function " AlgLink_algProcessData" and toggle a breakpoint in it as follow: 


       And the program can halt in it, however, I can't execute the program by steps, I click the F6, the program will goto the unknown file, for example: