profiling on CCS 5.2


I tried to get all functions profiling, but I couldn't.

As running my program, I setup

Tool -> Profile -> Setup Profile Data Collection

All I get is like this,

I know there is another way to get profile using "time.h"

But it's very inconvenience. Is there anyone can help me to get profiling of all functions?

Thanks a lot.

IDE version - CCS 5.2

Processor - DM8168, trying to analyze a program on C674x


  • Hello Chiung,

    The CCS function profiler is not supported on C6000 HW. Depending on what emulator and if you using BIOS or not, you may have other options for profiling. Please provide as much details on your environment as possible.



  • In reply to Ki-Soo Lee:

    Hi Ki-Soo Lee,

    My simulation environment is

    no BIOS, TI XDS100v2 USB emulator

    Using BIOS, I can log timing information by LOG events, but it's really inconvinence.

    By the way, as my code size becomes larger, I cannot use XDC tool because the memory location is fixed in some defualt files, and it's not large enough for my program.

    Where can I modify the memory setting?




  • In reply to Lin Chiung:

    Hi Chiung,

    Sorry for the lat response.

    Unfortunately your options for function profiling support with the debugger on C6000 HW with an XDS100v2 is limited.

    One possible options is because you are using C6000, you can try taking a look at Path Profiling. Basically the compiler will add additional instrumentation code to you application to collect profiling data. This will add to your code size (for the additional instrumentation code and for memory to store the collected data) but the benefits are that it is non-intrusive in the way it collects the data. You can then view profiling data via function and line level in CCS.

    More information on this is in the C6000 Compiler User's Guide (section 3.8 and 3.9);

    Hope this helps