Is it possible for CCSv4 to erase only some of the information memory segments when debugging?

On a MSP430F2012,  I'm using  information memory segments B and  C to hold calibration data which I do not want erased when CCSv4 enters a debug session.  Therefore,  in the:  CCSv4 Project Properties, CCS Debug Settings, MSP430 Properties,  I've set the "Download Options" to "Erase main memory only."

However because of code size issues,  I would like to use memory segment D to hold my "const" data tables (I only need 60 bytes for all my const tables).   Moving these tables into segment D was easy:   just change the ".const" specification in the linker command file  from "FLASH",  to "INFOD".

Unfortunately,   with the CCSv4 "Erase main memory only" option,   the INFOD section will not be erased before downloading for a debug session.   If I've changed the constant tables in the source code, then the new values may not be written properly into INFOD (because it wasn't erased first).

My question:   is there some way to set up CCSv4 so that it erases only some of the information memory segments when entering a debug session? If so,  how?

Thanks very much!

Lance Carlson

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