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CCS: CCS 7.1 — Hard Coded Folder for Off-Line Resources?

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

CCS 7.1 for Windows is installed under C:\Others\ccs710, but resources downloaded for off-line work are saved under the c:\ti folder.
However, I wasn't prompted with an option for the folder. The c:\ti folder seems to be hard-coded.
How to get rid of that?
I can't have as many folders as tools from silicon vendors under the root directory. All are grouped within the C:\Others folder.
Thank you.
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    Currently Resource Explorer will download content to C:\ti on windows. It is not possible to change this in the current version. CCSv7.2 is expected to add the ability to specify where the content will be stored.



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    Thank you for your answer. I'll wait for release 7.2.