UniFlash on Xubuntu 16.04 amd64 does not work


I was hoping to find a command-line solution that can flash a CC13xx natively on Linux. So I installed UniFlash on a  machine running Xubuntu 16.04 (64 Bit). I selected CC1310_LAUNCHXL as a board and clicked on the Start button. Then I get this error message:

[3339:0319/183704:INFO:CONSOLE(446)] ""2017-03-19T17:37:04.700Z" "ERROR" "DAEMON" "cloud-agent-server" "/opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/ticloudagent/server/common/generate_error_handler.js:9:16:()" "[\n    {\n        \"requestId\": undefined,\n        \"error\": {\n            \"type\": \"Error\",\n            \"message\": \"EACCES, open '../deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux/ccs_base/common/targetdb/connections/TIXDS110_Connection.xml'\",\n            \"stack\": [\n                { name: \"Error\", loc: \"native\" }\n            ],\n            \"errno\": -13,\n            \"code\": \"EACCES\",\n            \"path\": \"../deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux/ccs_base/common/targetdb/connections/TIXDS110_Connection.xml\"\n        }\n    }\n]"", source: /opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/dinfra-library/desktop/dlog.js (446)
[3339:0319/183704:INFO:CONSOLE(536)] ""log flushes failing;" "will message again on success"", source: /opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/dinfra-library/desktop/dlog.js (536)

Nothing happens after that. What do these error messages mean?

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  • After some investigation I was able to solve my initial problem by using DSLite from CCS7.1 and a ccxml target config file created by CCS:

    $/opt/ti/ccsv7/ccs_base/DebugServer/bin/DSLite load -c CC1310F128.ccxml -f rfPacketTx_CC1310_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_gcc.out
    DSLite version
    Configuring Debugger (may take a few minutes on first launch)...
    	Initializing Register Database...
    	Initializing: IcePick_C
    	Executing Startup Scripts: IcePick_C
    	Initializing: CS_DAP_0
    	Executing Startup Scripts: CS_DAP_0
    	Initializing: Cortex_M3_0
    	Executing Startup Scripts: Cortex_M3_0
    GEL: Cortex_M3_0: GEL Output: Memory Map Initialization Complete.
    GEL: Cortex_M3_0: GEL Output: Board Reset Complete.
    Loading Program: rfPacketTx_CC1310_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_gcc.out
    	Preparing ... 
    	.data: 0 of 60 at 0x0
    	.data: 0 of 1264 at 0x1000
    	.text: 768 of 24280 at 0x1500: 5%
    	.data: 1064 of 2220 at 0x73d8: 65%
    	.data: 0 of 88 at 0x1ffa8: 69%
    	Finished: 69%
    	Setting PC to entry point.: 69%

    The same thing did not work with DSLite in the uniflash package:

    $/opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/dslite.sh load -c CC1310F128.ccxml -f rfPacketTx_CC1310_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_gcc.out
    Executing the following command:
    > /opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux/ccs_base/DebugServer/bin/DSLite flash load -c CC1310F128.ccxml -f rfPacketTx_CC1310_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_gcc.out
    Failed: Cannot read System Setup data from XML file /XXXXXXXXXX/CC1310F128.ccxml
    Error parsing file:
    Fatal Error at (0, 0): An exception occurred! Type:RuntimeException, Message:The primary document entity could not be opened. Id=/opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux/ccs_base/common/targetdb/connections/TIXDS110_Connection.xml while parsing file: /opt/ti/uniflash_4.1/deskdb/content/TICloudAgent/linux/ccs_base/common/targetdb/connections/TIXDS110_Connection.xml

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  • In reply to Richard W.:


    An updated UniFlash v4.1.1 build has been posted (v4.1.1.1250).

    When you get a chance, please download it (processors.wiki.ti.com/.../CCS_UniFlash_v4.1.1_Release_Notes and let me know if it fixes the issue you were seeing.

  • In reply to Ricky Lau:

    Hi Ricky,

    I confirm that release works now on my Xubuntu installation. Thanks for fixing this.

    Best regards