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CCS/TMS320F28075: Benefit of CCSv7 vs CCSv6

Part Number: TMS320F28075

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Please provide the benefits of using CCSv7 over VCCv6. Does CCSv7 fix known issues that exist in CCSv6 that pertain to the 28075 processor? Is it important to switch to CCSv7?

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    For F28075 I would see the advantages of v7 as:
    *simplied licensing
    *integration with Resource Explorer and C2000Ware
    *support for the new XDS110 Debug Probe (much better than the XDS100)
    *if using SYS/BIOS or TI-RTOS the new Runtime Object View is significantly improved
    *New 16.9 LTS Compiler for C2000

    The release notes have more details, including fixes that are relevant to C2000.

    It is not critical that a customer switches to CCSv7. If you are currently using CCSv6 you can continue to use if for as long as you like. However fixes will be limited as compared to what is offered in current versions.



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