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CCS: What is the maximum XDS110 UART baud rate?

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Hi Experts,

Does anyone knows the maximum baud rate of the XDS110 back UART channel?

According to my test under macOS, XDS100v3 is 12M. But XDS110 seems only 115200. That is pretty slow.

Robert Chen
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  • I just found the limitation (115,200 baud) is caused by Qt 5.7. After upgrading to Qt 5.8 and recompile the testing program. The limitation is gone. XDS100v3 was tested last year by Qt 5.5 or 5.6, also no such issue.

    So, please forget this question.

    Robert Chen
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    In reply to Robert Chen:


    Good to know it is resolved. With XDS110 we have seen ~6M. What are you seeing after the upgrade?



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  • In reply to JohnS:

    Hi John,

    I only tested it up to 3M. So far, 3M is enough for my application. It is good to know 6M is possible because I can change both sides (host PC and target) to 6M. The UART port is used to receive SWO output from target. So, it is always better to have higher throughput.

    Robert Chen
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