CCS: CCSv8 reports an error when checking for updates

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I just installed CCSv8 and when checking for updates I got below message:

Any idea?

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    The attachment did not come through. Could you please try attaching again?

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    Hello again

    Once again as text:

    When checking for update I get a box indicating available updates with the info "The operation cannot be completed. See the details." and at the same time an info-box pops up with

    "Problem Occurred" in the titel and the description "'Searching alternate solutions...' has encountered a problem. No remedy found"

    I try attaching again below.

    Best regards,


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    Could you try scrolling the box where it says "Cannot complete the install because one or more items could not be found"? I have a feeling that the C2000 device support you're trying to install may not be relevant for your 8.0 installation.  Unfortunately, eclipse doesn't always give the best messages.


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    Any update on this issue?