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Can I use the Code Composer Studio cross development environment t to develop applications to be run on Beagleboard Black with Debian 9 OS?

And, does Code Composer Studio includes all I need (i.e.: toolchain, library, ...)?
Or I need to add somethings else?Can be useful to install also the TI Processor SDK Linux?
Just to give you an idea, my application basically needs to use Beaglebobe Black GPIO, ADC, Serial interface. And also TCP/IP and Linux Threads.

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    I am not entirely sure what you exactly mean by your original question:

    - If you want to use CCS to develop Linux applications for ARM, you can certainly do so. There are a few guides around on the internet and one of them is shown below:

    - If you want to know if CCS runs on Linux on the host PC, it certainly does:

    The references above help answer your subsequent questions.

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Rafael,
    Thanks for your answer.

    I will try to explain my question better.

    I'm starting to develop an application to use on the Beaglebone Black card and for several reasons I'd rather use the original Debian 9 operating system on the BBB board. In other words, I think that Debian 9 OS, as a runtime environment, for my application is better than Linux coming from TI Processor SDK Linux.

    Just to give you an idea, my application basically needs to use the Beaglebone Black GPIO, ADC and serial interface, TCP/IP, Linux threads and also NET-SNMP library.

    Now, I need to configure a cross-development environment on a PC using Linux (i.e.: Debian or Ubuntu, it's the same for me) because using the BBB environment directly to write and debug the code is not a convenient solution for me.

    Since unfortunately I did not find any guidance on a cross-environment solution (ready for use) on the Beagleboard website, my idea was to use the Code Composer Studio cross-development environment, but I'm not sure that this could be a valid solution.

    Does Code Composer Studio include everything I need (i.e.: toolchain, library, ...) or should I add something else? Is it also useful to install TI Processor SDK Linux?

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    Hy guys,

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