CCS: Resource Explorer Failed to Open

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Resource Center fails to open/launch.

Tried the following troubleshooting steps though none work:

Resource Explorer

If Resource Explorer is unable to connect to the internet it may be an issue with the proxy setting. Ensure the setting is correct by performing the following steps:

  • Open the Preferences dialog (menu Window --> Preferences)
  • Type 'proxy' in the search box
  • Select 'Network Connections'
  • Under 'Active Provide', select 'Native'
  • Click OK
  • Close and restart CCS twice

Also try deleting the tirex-localserver-<version> folder found in C:\Users\<Userid>\ti and restarting CCS.

Another potential issue is that if there is an extra "node" process running. Close Resource Explorer. Check Task Manager or Activity Monitor and look for node. If one is running, kill it. Start Resource Explorer.

Any other suggestions?

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