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CCS/TMS320C5517: CCSv6.1.3 with XDS110-U connection error

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Part Number: TMS320C5517

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


Now,We develop the firmware with CCSv6.1.3 with XDS110-U.

There is an error which seems that device driver.

error comment:Unable to find an appropriate device driver for the connection type "TIXDS110" and isa "TMS320C55XX"

before occurring error, try to update xds110 firmware refer to wiki:


is there any workaround?



  • kyt
    We develop the firmware with CCSv6.1.3 with XDS110-U

    The product page for the XDS110-U says:

    Important: Code Composer Studio users need to be on version 7.0 or later.  Please do not use the standalone XDS110 Debug Probe with an earlier version of Code Composer Studio.

    The XDS110 Debug Probe User's Guide also says CCSv7.0 or later must be used.

    Do you need to stay with CCSv 6.1.3 for the firmware development, or can you move to CCS v7.0 or later?

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    In reply to Chester Gillon:

    Hi chester,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, we need to to stay with CCSv6.1.3.

    Is there any workaround?

    And, wiki describes as below:

    Embedded (on-board) XDS110 debug probes are compatible with Code Composer Studio™ development environment version 6.1.0 and newer.

    It seems that EmbeddedXDS110( not standalone) can be used CCS v6.1.3.



  • kyt
    Unable to find an appropriate device driver for the connection type "TIXDS110" and isa "TMS320C55XX"

    That error means CCS does have the support installed for using a C55 device with a XDS110.

    I just looked at a CCS 6.1.2 installation with TI Emulators and CCS let me create a target configuration for a TMS320C5517 and XDS110 (I don't have the hardware to actually test this).

    If you check for an update to the TI Emulators in your CCS 6.13 installation that might should allow you to create the target configuration, and get past the "Unable to find an appropriate device driver" error. However, given the previous mentioned documentation not sure if the standalone XDS110-U will actually be usable under CCS 6.1.3.

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    In reply to Chester Gillon:


    As Chester mentioned, CCSv6.1.3 does not officially support the TMDSEMU110-U. You can try to update your CCS with a newer TI emulators component from the page below, but this is untested and unsupported. Use it at your own risk.


    Hope this helps,

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