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CCS/MSP430FR5994: CCS 8.1.0 Linked Resources paths update

Part Number: MSP430FR5994

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


initial conditions:

CCS 8.1.0 installed and up to date
also CCS 6.1.2 is installed and up to date (I have CCS 8.0.0 and 7.4.0 installed also).

I have a newly created project called HT_v00.10 in a workspace dedicated to CCS 8.1.0 projects only.

Using HGCONF,I have tried to configure my TI-RTOS Hwi according to my needs and  I have obtained the following error:
The package 'ti.sysbios.family.msp430' is not compatible with XDCtools used in this build. Please either use XDCtools compatible with that package, or update the product containing that package, or rebuild the package with XDCtools 3.50 or later.

My first impression was that it would be easy compatibility checking job.

To fix that I have opened Project Properties and I have found many inconsistencies related to COM_TI_RTSC_TIRTOSMSP430_INSTALL_DIR and its subdirs.
Please look at the picture below:

I have tried to correct COM_TI_RTSC_TIRTOSMSP430_INSTALL_DIR path to the existing C:\ti\tirtos_msp43x_2_20_00_06.
Pressing OK and then Apply and Save does not modify COM_TI_RTSC_TIRTOSMSP430_INSTALL_DIR path to a correct directory.

I have two issues:
1) why I cannot modify COM_TI_RTSC_TIRTOSMSP430_INSTALL_DIR
2) why TI-RTOS products tree obtains wrong paths and related to CCS 6.1.2 install dir even both
TI_PRODUCTS_DIR and TI_PRODUCTS_DIR__TIREX point to valid directories.

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    Could you go into menu Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->Products and check if the TI-RTOS for MSP43x in the c:\ti folder is discovered and listed under Installed Products? If it is not, click on Rediscover and select the install it. 

    Once this is done, make sure that under Project Properties->General->Products tab for your project, the TI-RTOS for MSP43x is enabled.

    Then the COM_TI_RTSC_TIRTOSMSP430_INSTALL_DIR (and other related variables) should automatically be updated to the correct directory.

    Let us know if this does not resolve the issue.


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    before and after Rediscover it looks like this:

    My guessing:

    As you can see at a picture above, I have other TI_RTOS products installed under C:/ti/ccsv6.1.2/ path.
    I have installed CCS 6.1.2 after CCS 7xx and CCS 8xx versions.
    As I remember, TIREX has came with CCS v7.
    Looks to me that the product updates done under CCS 6.1.2 disturb rules used by CCS v7 and later.

    I have selected C:/ti/ccsv6.1.2/tirtos_msp43x_2_20_00_06 and I did Uninstall.
    After Rediscover I have obtained: 

    then, unselected the 1st position.

    Now my project properties looks like this:

    Looks to me that I have a lot of an HDD haevy mangling jobs related to CCS v6.1.2 and its updates!

    Thanks a lot!

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