Spectrum Digital XDS510PP Plus, TI CCS v5 and Win7

Here we have a Spectrum Digital XDS510PP Plus JTAG emulator for our TMS320F2812 based board. The old system was running Windows XP 32 Bit and TI CCS v3 - everything just worked fine. We could connect to our board from CCS and from Spectrum Digital's SDConfigEx nearly without problems. However, this old computer was swapped for a new development station. It is based on Windows 7 64 Bit and TI Code Composer Studio v5.1. And now the problems start: We can neither get a connection to our XDS510PP Plus JTAG emulator itself nor to our TMS320F2812 based board.
The following settings were done within CCS v5:
- Target Connection: Spectrum Digital XDS510 Parallel Port-PCI Emulator
- Board or Device: TMS320F2812
Our LPT settings are the same as from our old Windows XP machine: E/A address 0x378, IRQ 7, ECP Mode.
If we try to connect to our XDS510PP Plus, we get the attached error message (screenshot_CCS.png).
We also tried Spectrum Digital's SDConfigEx tool (version 1.43.04) to connect to our JTAG emulator. We also used the same settings as from our XP machine. If we go to Configuration-->Ports Available-->Printer,USB, we get the error message from screenshot_SDConfig.png). Here we suspect the driver file isn't suited for Windows 7 x64, because the only .sys file in this directory is from 1999.
Is there anyone with a Spectrum Digital XDS510PP Plus JTAG emulator and Windows 7 x64 who has more success than we had?