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why can't connect OMAP-L138EVM by SEED-XDS560PLUS ?

hi  all

       i use the SEED-XDS560PLUS emulator to connect my OMAP-L138EVM, but it always give this tips below:

the figure below is the box

i only set the ARM9 GEL file as i heard that it has sequence in debug OMAP-L138, which is load the ARM GEL file first and then load the DSP GEL file .

        initially, the OMAP-L138 has the onboard emulator(XDS100v1), but i not use it . i use the off-board emulator(SEED-XDS560PLUS), and use the project of "evmomapl138_test_LED_DIP" which is come from the SD card in OMAP-L138EVM. i can debug and run the project by the onboard emulator, but it can't connect by the SEED-XDS560PLUS emulator, does any one meet this problem?