CCSv5.1 License options - Help needed

I've downloaded the CCSv5.1 for windows installer.It will be of great help if some one can help me with which license option to choose on installation.

I'm planning to order the F28069 Piccolo experimenter kit TMDXDOCK28069, and Piccolo based Solar Explorer Development kit TMDSSOLARPEXPKIT. Later on I might go for a XDS100V2 emulator as well. I have a few doubts regarding what is the best CCS version and license option for me.

1.)  If I choose the time limited evaluation option, can I convert it later on to a XDS100 based license? Or should I choose the code size limited option ?

2.) I know that a CCSv4 is bundled along with the F28069 Piccolo experimenter kit TMDXDOCK28069, what are the limitations on this bundled version?

3.) Does the Solar Explorer Development kit TMDSSOLARPEXPKIT, include a CCS version as well?

Thankks in advance,


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